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Divining accurate determination

Ader determine intersections .

Water divining and water sources has a negative radiation on humans. If the bed is standing in the place where the source of water divining or would have an adverse impact on human health . Nowadays, it is scientifically proven that these people will change the composition of the blood and the body's chemical composition, which contributes to faster development of cancer cells .
While the fire Ader in places where there are fractures and cracks in the ground . Its positive effect on people . Fire divining intersections where there are at least two fire Ader cross from south to north and from east to west, in the land force areas where people feel good , cleans himself up, organize thoughts. In these places people can get rid of old chronic diseases , diseases. They have Harmonizing and human healing abilities.

Now, about the way in which this harmful radiation exposure and the changes are caused by completely healthy people :

* Increase the blood pressure of 20-30 mm. ;
* Over staying in harmful zone , the brain begins to emit fluctuations ( similar to a UV ) analogous to the human brain , which is located in a trance ;
* Lying in the radiation zone of the iris is formed so-called lateral or šķērszīmējumi that disappears by shifting berth outside the radiation zone , or neintralizējot radiation in space under the bed ;
* Highly sensitive people appear electrization height or feeling tingling and prickling severity legs , tightness in the head , shoulder muscle cramps , back pain , respiratory and cardiac arrhythmias ;
Regular and continuous basis while divining area , though this is not too significant changes gradually destroys the body, causing early garatāvokļa and health deviations , which in time will become a rhythm , or at least contribute prompted the different types and nature of the disease .
The negative effects of harmful radiation messengers and confessors are as follows:
* Sleep disturbances, fatigue , feeling of waking up salauztības ;
* Weakness , flabbiness , did not like to work actively ( the latter two should not be mixed with personal licentiousness ) ;
* Tightness in the head or a regular headache ;
* Increased irritability or depressed mood , anxiety ;
* Skin tingling , itching , chest pain ;
* Saltuma shivering ;
* Stingšana hands and feet , stiffness, calf cramps, inflammation of the kidneys ;
* Fertilization and other hormonal disorders ;
* Health abnormalities and complications during pregnancy , premature birth ;
* Frail , abnormal stool color and character ;
* Respiratory diseases , allergy, asthma ;
* Gastrointestinal and liver disorders ;
* Paaugtināts blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases;
* Blood diseases , malignant tumors ;
* Weakening of the heart muscle , abnormal cardiovascular system ( blood pressure , change the color , Hypertensive crisis , cardiac arrhythmias and other cardiovascular diseases).
Harmful radiation bands and people in areas with high sensitivity yields greater physical and emotional strain :
* Resulting from myocardial infarction and stroke ;
* Chronic alcoholism, in that number of children and adolescents prone to premature rehabilitation after alcohol and nicotine harmful radiation caused by physical and mental distress influence ;
* Decrease the body's enzymatic activity - formed gland hypofunction ;
* Resulting from hormonal disorders in various organs - there is hormonally active neoplastic , benign tumors as malignant transformation .

In his preksē I have observed that highly sensitive to the damaging rays are children.

Lying on your divining harmful radiation children are pale , wayward , tearful , anxious , sleep talking , articulate , moving lying in an effort to settle the harmful radiation in pristine areas , falling out of bed .

Very few , but there are extreme opposite reaction - kids are sleepy , apathetic , loves to eat a lot of sweets , you can drop off school hours. In both cases, children are often sick with various diseases a cold - runny nose , cough , bronchitis - even if they are from a height is hard guard with allergic diseases , lack of appetite . In the body - vārāks still immature , weaker, more sensitive because of the harmful effects of radiation destructive .

So take care of your home and your health !


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