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Offering water standpipes installation ( cottage , garden, construction , etc.)

Professionals with a minimum of 10 years experience in carrying out borehole offers businesses and individuals their professional knowledge and experience in the installation of water standpipes - domestic water supply , irrigation systems , heat pumps , construction , etc.
Exploring the client's wishes and evaluating a specified location available water supply options, spices can be installed outdoors, a twist , and a corresponding room or basement .

Water standpipes installation ( drilling ) costs range from U.S.  120 to U.S.  250 lats . This price includes:
- Transport to the object
- All the materials necessary to install Spice ( filter standpipes , hoses, MUFE , seal )
- Divining the precise determination of the intersection ,
- Advising on the most suitable place where to drill the borehole,
- Advice spices operation ( tips ) .