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Water well

Spices installed. I propose to install Spice of your choice in the water supply of the private homes, villas, gardens, parks, sports facilities, etc.. c.

Possible to have tight spaces and even cellars and wells.

Yield up to ~ 60 liters / minute.

Pump installation and maintenance.

Spice installation costs range from 120 lats to 250 lats. Based on this experience, usually spices cost of about 160 lats.

Water standpipes installation using only quality materials. Tube thickness of 3.5 millimeters to 4.0 millimeters-they are galvanized on both sides. Mufe and spices are individually ordered at the lathe, and are of high quality.

We also offer spices repairs. Spice repair will be cheaper than a set of new Spice (if the footage is not great).

There is also the possibility Flush Spice - cost 18 lats running meter of plastic